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Uli Mattmüller

Who is Behind Learn German in Germany?

My name is Uli Mattmüller. I was born and I live in Stuttgart/Germany and I have been working in the German language industry for over twenty years.

I am an author of online resources for (advanced) learners of German as a foreign language and I work part-time for Deutschkolleg Stuttgart, a language school in Stuttgart/Germany specialized in prepairing international students for studies in Germany.

In 2003 I started blogging and since that time I published quite a few things – mostly in my native language German:

My German Projects

My E-Books:

E-Book – Deutsche Grammatik 2.0
Übungsbuch Deutsche Grammatik 2.0 – Band 1
Übungsbuch Deutsche Grammatik 2.0 – Band 2

My Websites/Blogs:

Deutsche Grammatik 2.0
Deutsch lernen und studieren in Deutschland

Connect with me and my German Projects:

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My English Projects

I started here at the beginning of December 2014 and this site is my first (little) online project in English language.

As writing in English is not as easy as writing in German for me, it may take some time until this site is really a good resource for answering your questions about learning German in Germany.

If you are a native speaker of English and you find words or constructions that sound strange to you I would really appreciate your help.