Can you get a scholarship for a German language course?

First of all let me say that I don’t know whether you can get a scholarship from your country. That’s the first thing you’ll have to check, if you are looking for a scholarship.

So what about a scholarship from Germany? You should never say ‘no’, but usually you will not find a German institution that gives scholarships for learning the German language.

Exception number one to this rule are scholarships for ethnic German immigrants to Germany from Eastern European countries. But I think for the most of you this is not a possibility.

Exception number two are summer (and sometimes winter) courses in German universities. Summer courses offer a good chance to improve your knowledge of the German language and Germany’s culture a little bit, but they are not suitable for preparing studies in Germany. Duration of the courses is only three or four weeks.

All summer courses in German universities you can find in DAAD’s summer course database. If you want to apply for a summer course scholarship you should contact the local representative of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in your country for further information.

Regional offices and information centers of the international DAAD network you can find here: The DAAD network – Regional offices & information centers – DAAD