German Language Summer Courses in Germany

As I mentioned in my post “Can you get a scholarship for a German language course?” summer courses in German universities offer a great opportunity to learn about Germany’s everyday life and culture.

If you are looking for a German language summer course in Germany, it is slowly getting time to register, because enrolment to many summer courses follows the order of receipt of applications.

DAAD’s Summer Course Database

To find a German summer course you should check the summer course database of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

This year the database lists 397 courses (2014:354), but the list includes not only language courses, but also short courses. So you must choose “language course” as course type and “German” as course language to receive a list of all language courses (192).

To exclude winter courses click into the field “date” and choose for example 7/2015 and 8/2015. (You can choose more than one date.) You shouldn’t also forget to select your language level. As the last step you can narrow your search for example to a certain location or duration.

You’ll find that prices of summer courses differ considerably. Because price differences are due to the services offered, don’t forget to check what you’ll get for your money.

To DAAD’s German summer course database:

DAAD – Language and Short Courses in Germany


If you are searching for a summer course scholarship you can contact the local representative of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in your country.

Regional offices and information centers of the international DAAD network you’ll find in this place: The DAAD network – Regional offices & information centers – DAAD


As most of the university summer course last no longer than four weeks, they are not the best choice to improve your German skills considerably. A lot of them focus on touristic and other fun activities.

If you want to learn German more intensively, you should consider to look for an intensive German course in a German language school. Many language schools also offer accommodation and other services.

For information about language schools in Germany check out this post:

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