How high is the cost of living in Germany?

How much money you’ll have to spend for a quality German course in Germany I explained in my post “How much does a German course in Germany cost?”. But what about the cost of living in Germany?

First of all let me explain that the cost of living in Germany is low at least if you compare to other developed countries especially anglo american countries.

Take a look at the diagram, that I made for my blog Deutsch lernen und studieren in Deutschland. It shows the average cost of living, that means cost of housing, meals, transport, student books etc., in the most popular countries for international students. Numbers are from a study of HSBC in the year 2013.

Table 1: Cost of Living of International Students

Lebenshaltungskosten ausländischer Studenten

You can see that the average cost of living for international students in Germany is one of the lowest among the countries that receive the most students from abroad. Only China and Taiwan are little lower-priced.

To be honest 5650 Euro a year, i.e. 470 Euro a month, (see diagram) seem rather low to me. Depending on where you live I would recommend to calculate with 600 to 700 Euro a month. But if you remember that studies are free in Germany, you’ll understand that Germany is definitely among the best choices for international students.

If you look at the whole picture, you’ll see that Germany can help to save you a lot of money, even if you’ll have to pay for a language course and you’ll need a little bit more time, before you can start your studies.

You still don’t believe it? Take a last look at this diagram, that shows the whole annual costs (cost of living and study fees) for international students:

Table 2: Annual Costs of International Students

Gesamtkosten Studium für Ausländer - groß