Let’s start at the beginning ….

Hi, everyone, my name is Uli Mattmüller. I am the author of some web resources for advanced learners of German as a foreign language, mostly international students.

Amongst them are Deutsche Grammatik 2.0, a free German online grammar, Deutsch lernen und studieren in Deutschland, a website that provides information about studying and learning German in Germany, my e-books Deutsche Grammatik 2.0 and Übungsbuch Deutsche Grammatik 2.0, several pages on social media sites like Facebook (here and here) and Twitter and so on.

As I can see from web traffic and thousands of comments on my pages all my resources are most popular amongst learners of German all over the world.

But all of my sites have one big downside: Because I am German, they are all written in German language. So they are an interesting place for advanced learners of German, but as a beginner you’ll probably understand almost nothing, when you visit my sites.

A few days ago I returned from a trip to Colombia. I went there as a member of the German university delegation at Europosgrados fair in Bogota and Cali. Europosgrados is a fair for High Education recruitment into Europe, that takes place annually in several Latin American countries. The German delegation had been organized by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Together with my colleagues of German language institutes I represented FaDaF (German association of German as a Foreign Language). Our job was to answer questions of Colombian students about learning German in Germany.

In fact this was not the first time we went abroad for High Education fairs. We are doing that job for quite a while and not only in Latinamerica, but all over the world, where students are interested in German language and study programs.

That also means we are answering questions about learning German in Germany  all over the world again and again. But if you ever visited an education fair or any other fair you’ll easily understand that there is never enough time to answer all the questions.

So when I came back  to my home I thought that it would be great to have a website that answers at least the most frequently asked questions about learning German in Germany and I remembered that I already know a place like this: my German blog Deutsch lernen und studieren in Deutschland.

After a quick check of Google search I also saw that there is no place around the net that is doing the same job in English language. So finally I came to the result that I’ll have to do that myself, although I am not a native speaker of English. But I hope my command of the English language will be sufficient to survive this adventure. 😉


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